Ink Stained

Whose back this is I think I know...
His private message will soon show.
We will not see his displaced pain,
youthful remembrance he did gain.

His parents showed him genuine scorn,
your body's secret will soon be worn.
He had no answer, what could they know?
Under the needle he will go.

The menacing tool disgracing his skin,
reflecting the rebellion from deep within.
Whether a heart, quote or flag,
his skin will be forever tagged.

Blind to all comments, on he tread,
Bragging - not a tear he shed.
Revealed - stained on the back,
a heart with mom encrypted in black.

© Copyright 2009 By: joe251986 aka Italian Stallion

*Inspired by Robert Frost*
joe251986 joe251986
26-30, M
May 8, 2012