Empty Summers Day

On a lazy summer sky,

Blue canvas for my thoughts,

Again I’m drawn back to you,

Again my mind contorts,

I wonder what I’ve left with you,

That I can’t break away,

I wonder why I need you so,

On a perfect summers day.

When autumn leaves turn and fall,

No doubt I’ll feel this way,

When ice and frost decide to call,

I’ll know that I’ll be grey,

As grey as clouds that tell of storms,

As grey as winters way,

But that will come, in bad time,

Now it’s like a distant chime,

One I’ll always know is there,

But it really isn’t fair,

That on a lazy summer’s day,

With no clouds and no reason,

I then turn back to you,

There’s no golden autumn season,

There’s no frosty garden dew,

Just a lazy summer’s day,

And an empty sky,…. and you.
NogginNog NogginNog
46-50, M
1 Response May 9, 2012

Nice poem, it flows and takes me there!