Consume My Being

Take me into your heart so deep, Where pain and tears used to seep, Hold me there in loving kind, Warm me with your love divine. Let me feel your heart rejoice, Beating with its only voice, Consume me into your fractured soul, Let my love take control. Let me heal your broken wing, Caused from the fall by cupids' arrow's sting, Let me show that love is real, Reflected in deep kisses that I reveal. Love me deeply, let me be the one, To cause the love in your heart, thats just begun, Hold me to your breast with love so deep, As loving tears from your eyes do seep. As your emotions overtake,And your love pours out with a deeper wake, I will soothe your mind and let you see, There is no other place that I would rather be. And as I kiss your lips divine, While our bodies and souls entwine, Take me to a higher plain, As your voice cries out my name. Filled with passion and a lovers grip. I grasp your body and take a sip, To sample your love so tender and sweet, That flows from within your dark retreat. I savour this, passions drink, That flows upon rivers pink, So exotic and rare to see,That you joyfully release for me. And as I lovingly take my fill, That I consume with driven will, I know that beauty this deep is rare, That I will not want anyone else to share. For I have found my love in you, That gives me strength through and through, I need not another lover, this is clear, For you are my saviour of love, so dear. I make love to you with a passions fire, Driven by my hearts desire, My thirst for you will never be filled, For I need you more now even still. I make love to you with erotic desire, From my heart that you've set on fire, From your side I will not go, For my love for you is so. I go deeper inside of you, As I watch your face change its hue, Eyes closed, and lip bit down, Only your groan is the only sound. I feel your love that clamps me tight, Holding me deep in you tonight, Craving me to be all yours, From the lust thats in your very pores. But do not fret, my love so dear,for I really want you here, I want you near I want to be one with you so much, To feel your body and your loving touch. Free from pain and lifes dispair, Free from all my worries and cares. One single moment a wrinkle in time, Where I am yours and you are mine. I love you so deeply that I cannot see, Anyone else taking the place of thee. So hold me close and love me right, For darling Im yours, and forever starts tonight. DP
Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
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Very moving. Full of passion.

Whoa!!! Now THAT is Divine Passion! I more or less feel that way about a certain someone, but that Divine Soul is taken. So I seek someone similar...*sigh*

I'm single, i understand.

Dreamy and sexy at the same time. How is that possible. You must be fantasy :-) ;-)

OH i'm real, i just have a very sensual mind.

Wish I could touch it x

My mind?

I wish you could too.

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Well Thank you. I am touched.

I would love your feedback on some of the stuff I've written
if you are so inclined...
I would appreciate

Love this! Very well written Great job :)

Thank you

Very well done!

It is obvious you have so much to offer. That was the others have said. Your love will be one lucky woman.

Thank You

Very touching and heartfelt DP. I enjoyed it very much. :)

Thank you

Your words are so amazing….They touched my soul...

Thank You, I hope to touch someone deeply with my words.

Im glad I have touched you deeply. Thank you.

My words are unable to convey<br />
What I see deep in my love so far away<br />
In each verse you write<br />
My heart soars with delight<br />
<br />
If only one as you would show me how<br />
The worth seen in me as I genuinely allow<br />
My identity revealed to you now<br />
Helplessly fallen in rhythm to desires you bestow<br />
<br />
With miles and miles so far apart<br />
Longing to be the subject of your heart<br />
Your poetry written with such passion like art<br />
I succumb to the sacredness of the love you impart<br />
<br />
Though like two birds with a broken wing<br />
Together we can fly in the flowing wind<br />
Righted by loves harmony we sing<br />
A melody filled with such beauty touching our hearts deep within<br />
<br />
I love you so deeply that none can reason<br />
Come walk with me this summer's season<br />
Together we shall leave our heart prints upon the sand<br />
Met by warm waves as lovers embraced upon a moonlit island<br />
<br />

Gorgeous my dear.

You are a true Dreampoet dear one. You inspire me greatly. Lets play poetry-chess again sometime soon. In loving-kindness, and many blessings to you - Ace

Such a beautiful writing that makes one think......very desc<x>riptive and with a natural flow. Thanks so much do sharing this here :)

You are welcome.