I’ve seen the moon at midnight,
Full beauty – in brightest hue,  
from where I lay in comfy down,
searching the sky for something new.
This seems to be a habit formed
In everything I do.
For instance, when I peruse a book
to find a good word or two.
The rampancy of my creative mind  
still away in dream,
I find myself in idle at times,
drained by all I scheme.  
Oh how the night can make me whoa,
dressed beautiful – in glitter afar.
On my back to heel to earth,
looking for the brightest star.  
Sometimes it seems a waste of time,
languishing – admiring things as I do,
but not if in the end the result is
being fulfilled seeking the old and new.
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012