...so Plant Your Roses And Drink Your Wine.....

Bless the days of wine and roses
for all too quickly they are past
the sun will set upon our shadows
and the grave will claim eternal grasp
Spoon reflections on the ceiling
eyes cast low upon the floor
what comforts now will taunt us later
like those we've loved who've gone before
For life is short and all too costly
count the treasures left behind
and bless those days of wine and roses
hold them gently to your mind
What's good and bad, we're left to ponder
on drunken nights with aching head
and pray to God for hope and answers
then toast our souls with fear and dread
We lose our spirit through the ages
it is no friend, this thing called time
it's best to hope with cautious effort
so plant your roses
and drink your wine.....  
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012