Since I was a child my heart's been cloaked  
 protected by thorny teardrops.  
Once, hope and innocence dwelled  
 together in harmony,
sharing the wonder of being  
 in sweet sisterhood until  
a monster appeared.  
His fierce eyes and howling made  
the sisters tremble with fear.  
He was Addiction; he promised no escape .  
We watched in horror as he devoured  
my parents, we heard their screams and tears.  
I tried to fight back but didn't know
 how sly and vicious he was.  
My weapons childish threats and pleas  
for mercy.  
He laughed and slayed the sisiters,  
and moved his children, Misery and Despair  
into my tattered heart.  
He was the victor.  
For years I mourned deeply with anger  
and bitterness.  
My wound festered unchecked seeping sadness .  
I was  his bride, desperate for a divorce of  
All paths ended at his door  
until Recovery crept in one cheerless night.  
Cradling me in arms of love and tolerance,  
she sheltered me in a house of Enlightenment.  
I gorged on sumptuous meals of forgiveness
washing them down with sips of self respect.  
Turning my heart to the sun's warmth I felt  
the thaw begin  inside my soul.  
Rivulets of peace washing away darkness.  
And I saw the lovely sisters  
before me with gentle smiles of welcome.
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012