Try Again...:

As I awaken to a new year, I look back
On a world that I have scarred through my convictions;
I remember a place so happy, so naive
To all the life had to offer in its own right.
I'd lost my ideals, selfish only to my own
But it was not enough, there had to be much more;
I looked through the window, longed to be outside
Then I stepped out of it, and was blocked by more bars.
The light shone down, but did not enrich weary souls
Only seared my eyes and beat down on wills inside;
I raised a palm to block it, but it was still there
What was this misconception? Only demons within.
I fought these evils, but they only persisted -
I had no tools and I was alone in my plight;
When I was at least strength, the bars lifted freely
And an explosion of fury drove them away.
With an act of desperation, I called for one
I knew would help, but found aid through yet another
Honest soul; A fatherly figure showed the way
Out of this dark dungeon I had been imprisoned.
The confrontation was brief, but the chilling words
Will echo for an un-ending eternity;
All along I had power to slay these demons
I just had no idea of how to use it right.
Now, with these new armaments, I challenge evil
To try to hold me down, if possible, try again.
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012