The Drifter; Forever Wondering...:

I am the drifter, walking in open air
Dreaming of great things to arrive
Yet my heart cries alone with no care
Only shadows of hope keep me alive
At last anguished visions drifted away
Although I still paced a solitary road  
Maybe someone can find a better way
Then I will learn the right path home
When the glowing sun finally goes below
I won’t look back to memories in my past
I pray tomorrow there will be no sorrow
And perhaps sunshine will return at last
Now let me seek my goals I plan to reach
My mind floats endlessly in crazy riddles
Pursuing and refuting the results of each
I whined on the length I needed to kindle
My passage was like a yellow brick way
Damaged with cracks and holes to mend
I needed to put my feet in the right break
Repairing old scars that want to amend.
Some day a flame will flicker in stride
Lighting the course of my stately future
I will fall in line and march forward in pride
Reflecting the optics of new adventures
Thus, voices are calling me to my shelter
My heart beats a notably fatigued sigh
It is time to face reality for that matter
Maybe hereafter I will be a little wise.
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012