The Child Inside Me <3

In a sudden overturn my child ran out
turning his head back to me often.
Evening dusk just making an entry
Casting my days behind memory lane
With louder laughter and freedom
He moved kicking against sand ,
twitching and touching all, on way,
he smiled by gum showing his new teeth.
He was thrilled in his birthday suit
Once again, I loiter back to my infancy
Suckling a lollipop dripping my tongue
Happy as ever I weep and laugh.
Catching a dragonfly, I fly on his back.
asking him lift a little stone for me.
Drifting in colorful wings of a butterfly,
I wade in my dream searching my Jinn (gene).
Wonder of sky and twinkle of stars,
uncle moon’s smile bloom lilies so cute.
Sounds of night, niche music in fusion,
making me sleep in a crib of magic.
Awaken by night mire I still wonder,
What am I doing in a body so old?
A baby is playing so cute in my heart.
scratching my soul, keeping me soft.
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
May 9, 2012