Dreaming Whispers

As time pass i hear the silence of your voice,
the fragment of the echo where your touch whispered on my body.
As time passes i still dream of running home forever lost to you,
so what is this silence i hear this echoing of love where there stands none?
I stand where i sit waiting for sunset to arise and to watch that green light to come in the morning to come tell me your alive.
I await as i dream so wide awake, unsure of the hard fact being dreams of reality.
Years have flown i remember the cold warmth of that night, echoing,echoing, echoing, dull against those bare walls.
How your wound hurt me the way they neglected the call for attention of others around but not.
Nothing mattered but the ecstasy high but so low that drug pulled through nights on end.
Addicted to something i have but cant have, everything, shall pass even you,
Still the dreams prevail long after your gone i will hate to love you.
One day I too will be but whispers of the wind.
twinklinstar twinklinstar
18-21, F
May 9, 2012