Thought Muse Ic

The days move onward...
Breathing in,
Breathing out.
Ever widening circles,
Streaming events from
Time's water spout.

Thoughts play in
The breeze of reverie,
Leaves of engrams
Falling in downward spirals
Into the shade of me.

The blessed way 
My memory always 
Knows how to play
Mostly the good tunes,
Causing my spirit 
To sway 
In blissful appreciation.

Thoughts are such
Wondrous companions,
Traveling such intricate
Mazes to awaken
Self awareness and
Blowing wind into
Emotional sails.

Each one a tiny
Firefly of hope in a
Meadow full of light,
Thoughts gather in unison
To bring us love and wisdom,
And quite often delight.

There is nothing
In this world
That can be so profound
As thoughts playing
Our beautiful music
Without making a sound.

Connifer/@Copyright 9/99

Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
2 Responses May 9, 2012

You are always welcome, jen.

Thank you Connifer for sharing this. It is beautiful.