Chasing Rainbows.

And the echoes of my dreams,
Chase me through my day.
Do they call me back?
Or are they shouting “stay away”?

And the shadows of my life,
Surround my every move,
Which ever way I turn,
I shall still have things to prove.

The race is never run,
The puzzle not complete,
And the laurels that you rest on,
Will soon have you on your feet.

Forever chasing rainbows,
Trying to catch the wind,
Searching for the answer,
On which all your hopes are pinned.

It’s just around the corner,
Just over this next hill,
But our elusive goal, it seems,
Simply won’t keep still.

One day we may realise,
That we shouldn’t look so far,
And the things that we’ve been searching for,
Are really what we are.

NogginNog NogginNog
46-50, M
May 10, 2012