Taste Of War And Redemption

The cold light of dawn in a mist stifled trench
Raw smell of the soil and stale cordite stench.
In silence and calm I awake from her kiss,
The dream memory wife, Lucinda, I miss.
Wiping my eyes I look up to the skies,
Darkened dirt clouds shrouding like flies.
Now I remember that bitter sweet taste
Stale blood and urine from over that place.
Paltry and cloying a sickening reminder,
A creeping fear of the organ grinder.
Snap to it man, stand to attention,
We going over, time for redemption.
Instinctively I salute without any question,
But my stance betrays my physical tension.
This is war lad do not look so pale.
Believe in you God and you shall prevail.

Fix bayonets men, put your feet to the ladder
Remember your soldiers not weak of your bladder.
Take you breath and prepare to mount,
Measure your aim, make each bullet count.
We pause we wait, my nerves continue to bristle,
Dreading the moment of the Sergeants’ whistle.
The whistle screams its shrilling wail,
I stumble the steps chanting my yell.
I am over the top and into the fray,
Praying to God, please save me today.
Ripping sounds of guns like scythes,
Thudding rounds on all sides.
I fall to fence in tearful sobs,
Bodies surround me, armless and legless
like rose crimson blobs.
Screaming and crying for friends and lovers
Some crying out only for their mothers.
Putrid water in pools of blood,
Barb wire fences winding their wood.
I see nothing I feel nothing but I sense death waiting
Tracers fly whisking and whining so anticipating.
As I stand I take a hit, bullets tearing at my kit.
Breathless pain in my chest, I feel relaxed, my time to rest.
Death thoughts etch an eerie smile, I must not will not die,
My conscious fades from tears now run dry.
When I wake, I am back in trench.
Haunting thoughts return, and that Godless stench.
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Very haunting.

Thanks ... I tried to put as much depth in to it as possible.

It worked! Big time, until recently I had a friend who would've related to this so much.