Little Heart's Lullaby ♥

A little heart's lullaby,
Is watching angels cry
Shimmering tears on their faces,
Of joyous love and decorations

Swirling within light-spirited dreams
The tears of angels getting deep
She'll see glowing laser-beams
An imagination comes to life while she's asleep

Pencil markings come and go
The colors do not yet exist
Her white tail swinging to and fro
Holding me from how much she has missed

Collect me inside of jars filled with delight
Bury me inside the joy you'll carry on
I believe it's another set of dreams,
Running free again to hold me while I'm still asleep ♥
SnowAngelSilver SnowAngelSilver
1 Response May 11, 2012

very well written, very talented.

Thank you very much ♥