Split---who Am I? Really..

I want to be loved...
But i dont want love from anyone...

I want someone to understand me
But i dont want to talk or share with anyone,
I dont want anyone to really know me

I want a shoulder to cry on
I will never shed a tear..
Emotions are for the weak minded

I really feel tired and exhausted today
I will never give up, there is no limit to what i can do

I want someone to hold me
I dont like cuddling, hugging, or showing affection

I sometimes feel depressed, suicidal and lonely
I am strong, i will survive everything, and i have no need for company

I wish i wasnt so dependable, strong, i wish i could be weak and needy
I love being the only person i need, and truly depend on,

I wish i could trust someone
I will never trust anyone completely...

I wish i could fall asleep...
Even now, when i am awake, i think of how to do things better...
MaskedAngel16 MaskedAngel16
22-25, F
May 11, 2012