Someday the Earth will fall and crack 

And stumble right upon its back 

With none of its two legs to stand 

With no place soft for it to land 

Its breath will be short, and its heart will beat slow 

All the kingdoms will reap what they sew 

No Hell nor Heaven, No God nor Demon 

Will interfere with this mess humans made, now screaming 

For the Earth is our Mother and our Father as well 

Ignorance of this has made their own hell 

All things are on purpose, no choices are made 

As all burn the fruit, the forests, and the glade 

One makes one faith, for plenty to follow 

Our spiritual instinct now empty and hollow 

Laws and regulations, rules to obey 

Many which are broken, many forever stay 

All the petty moments that humans obsess and share 

Are as small as dust, and as light as air 

In the universe as we know it, no other life but ours 

Our black-hearted earth turns forever in it's cower 

Not all hope is lost, not all lives must be spent 

No need to rebel, no need to “repent” 

Just to learn as nature does, with speed and precision 

Ignorance is a choice, and true wisdom is your decision 


MrCthulhu MrCthulhu
18-21, M
May 12, 2012