My Lil Blue Folder

As many of my freinds know i pack a (was red but that one feel apart ) blue folder around with me at all times at school and i put it up safe at home one has ever seen whats inside of it and frankly im kinda glad they havent. This lil blue folder has anbunch of things ive wrote some in ankindanpoetic way others ive just wrote in there no form simply because that was how i felt when i wrote it. This lil blue folder has my feelings my wants my problems and what i hooe to happen in it . Strange a sit sounds i really dont know why instarted wrting in it . I kne wwhen i got it that i would have to hid eit and keep it secet . I guess i did it so i could keep things in my head on paper instead of in my head. I think i might put up some of my stuff u people dont know me so im not worried about it on here.
jlogan14 jlogan14
18-21, M
May 13, 2012