Ode To Mothers.

These women who create life
They dream of healthy ones;
Some will give them away
Selflessly, daughters and sons.

Some are never meant to be
But they remain in your heart;
Ever soaring in heaven
From you they ne'er depart.

Some do leave when they are young
And some time with  them you spend:
When they leave so suddenly
Your heartache will never end...

Far more grow fast
And your love it builds
And you watch them leave
Elbows on window sills.

You have done your best
When off they you send:
Strong, brave, and so true-
Ladies and gentlemen!

So my wish is simple
And my words ring they do:
Mothers are so beloved
If only this they knew!

(Dedicated to all the mothers
Especially my mom whom I love dearly!
And to those mentioned above. Not forgetting
those who nurture others for they cannot have
ones of their own blood due to circumstances.
You Are Loved!)
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

i remember when my oldest moved out. i cried and cried n cried for a whole week the pain was so intense, even though i knew it was to be. that is life and i would tell myself this and think through all the logically reason, it still hurt. finally the answer came. He didn't need me anymore, he was the man i wanted him to be l man . then came truth, they always need u. even once they move out. But there need changes. wish someone had shared that with me. and holy moly another hugh one when he married

now this is a beautiful ode !

yes i can sense that you do love to write some awesome poems :)

Wonderfully put !

Thank you! That was beautiful!