cables calling
ancestors stalling

technically befalling
an abnormally appalling
dumbfounded and crawling
the ancient ones devolving

the apparatus of my conjecture

a slow and simple prefecture
that I've lost in my time

unfounded and lacking sublime
for me to define
as godless and unrefined

but low and behold
the words do grow
and though I've lost my way
I'm still here today

waiting for something
a calling or crumbling
an avalanche of stumbling
depressurized and non-controlling
maybe even strolling
in this existence that is still unfolding

the game that I've been told
requires the ever-so bold
in the microcosms of old
my dear friends in its hold

let me recall the proper
the starter and stopper
the origin of my time
here in these confines
that, which was long left behind

it's the place that is crawling
it is the ones that are stalling

It is the cables
They are calling
Nearth179 Nearth179
May 13, 2012