tell me its all a dream

so I can wake up and scream

some nightmares don't end

some scars don't heal

some bones don't mend

its not a dream its all too real

I can't get rid of the pain I feel

Hope faded away replaced by fear

I wonder why I'm still here,

I cry but never shed a tear

atleast not from my eye

its blood that I cry

as it trickles down by arm

I cause myself harm

the world passed me by

in the blink of an eye

i was left behind to

search for things I can't find

like peace of mind and understanding,,

but the world is just too demanding

and so unforgiving

I need to have a reason for living

they say what goes around comes around

what did I do that was so bad

I took everything I had

and traped in

so it would never have to be felt agian

but it got out somehow

and its worse now

I just wish I could I leave

I 'm trapped

I can't breath

I can't move

and I can't see

everything I traped

now trapes me,

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May 14, 2012