Rock Bottom....

Rock Bottom.

When you have hit rock bottom
And you`re at an ‘all time’ low
When friends have all deserted you
And there`s just no place to go.
When the whisky bottle in your hand
Not longer takes the pain
Your will to live has lost the fight
And wont come back again.

When loneliness entwines your soul
And bitter thoughts run free
When tears no longer fill your eyes
And you curse sweet memories.
When you sink deeper in the mire
And the devil hears the call
When it seems there`s only one way out
And that`s to end it all.

It`s then that you turn to Jesus,
And you offer Him your soul,
And you say “Please save this wretched life,
Dear God, please make me whole.”
And you`ll feel His arms embrace you,
And His warmth come flowing in,
He will lift you from the darkest depths
And pardon you your sin.

Geoffrey Kennell©

Wisewords Wisewords
61-65, M
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Lovely writing.

all so very true my friend...i'm there right now.... i'm hoping there is a way out!