Crul Elle

The dead make rest
in the places they like best
in the place of someone's soul
somewhere, no mortals can go
listless and reserved
for the majority of a human's term
left to the spaces
in tenuous places
where the humans cannot see
the things, that are happening to me

the dead make rest
in the places they like best
the places we don't go
the darker part of someone's soul
twisted and controlled
under the pretense of medical protocol

take care when you're alone
and you're the only one at home
at night in the snow
or in the rainy, thunderous, show
the creaks and cracks
locked behind doors
shut away in the attic
missing are the dramatics
the theatrical schematics

the emptiness and silence will follow you near
as you try to sleep
or behind you there
while you're sitting in your seat
quietly in your chair

above you looking down
not the greatest thing to have around
behind the closet door
the darkest recesses of your thoughts implore
the dead to come around
and take you further down

under your chair,
or under your bed over there
in the elevator shaft
late after work
in the ventilation ducts you should look
or the darker stairwells that you never took
through your screen when it is black
and your reflection is what's staring back
in the shadows of the rooms
not currently in use
in the dark, when you look out the window
on the street
the shadows your eyes meet

and the dark rooms
in the neighbors house
quieter than a mouse
the houses that are in view
right there
only steps away from you

in the woods that you know
to show your only house
out there all alone
darker and colder than before
where the things you don't want
are what truly make a haunt
unknowingly taunt

the things you shouldn't see
Are provided ever-so freely
without a fee
for you to see
when you're alone
and you don't wish it to be

they'll come to be
your best friends indeed
and live with you
until you can no longer see
until you can no longer breathe
until you can no longer bleed
until the impossible comes to be
where science is akin to fantasy
and you relinquish all your ties
to everything you've ever liked
trading them for what you've always despised
made you terrified and compromised
your last thoughts defined
with the last of your life on the line
the things that they show
what the mind wasn't mean to know
the places you shouldn't go
Nearth179 Nearth179
May 15, 2012