To Wait Once More

 So bare and stark, the page so dark, and all the things hath left here.

Tis shame, and pain, unto the name, of those two who once hath dwelt there.

T'was love indeed, that both doth need. Yet fear and doubt did take it

A dying cry, a tear stained eye, for all the chances that did make it.

Tis all now lost ? Seems such a cost, for such misunderstandings.

Think grander things, and dream the dream. Bow not to life's demanding's !

So free to fly. With the promise; I - and know to thee; be guarded.

Just wink and smile, for a little while, if we two should be departed.

Thou in thy need, this poet bleeds, and with his words so honest...,

shalt he wait, at heaven's gate, until thou doth do callest

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Wow......this is AWESOME.... I couldn't write like this if someone put a gun to my head...Total admiration goes out to you for making it look so easy.....

I couldn't write like this if there was a gun to my head either ! Hehehehehehe.....

You're awesome Sierra ! Simply awesome. I thank you for being so.

Oh got a real point there!! :O
Aww thanks....I think you ROCK too!! :)

Rocking like a chair ! Music singing of all the many muses of the world, and there I am just dancing in the wind. Wanna dance ?

Sure!! I actually teach dance so I for sure, wouldn't tromp all over your toes!! *swirls and twirls*

Spins, glides, and dips you ever so elegantly. Whoot whoot !

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Wondfful work . . . thank you for sharing . . . a pleasure to read . . .

A poet on a wire. With his soul and fire, and in his burning entertain thee. With honest word, his soul hath thou heard. I'm glad it doth do please thee