The Unraveling Bow

As you untie the ribbon, and hand it back to me, Placing it in my hand to set your heart so free.

I'll stand here with it in my hand, exactly as I said. I'll wish well, hope for the best, and start to scratch my head.

I won't claim to understand it all, but those promises were made. So I'll stand here smiling friend, as you seem to walk away.

You know just how to find me, and you know where I will be. Smiling as you go through life. A friend forever I will be.

I know this isn't quite what I'd want, but I'll never be your cage. All I want is to lift you up, each and every day.

You're quite the beauty, that's so clear, and everyone can see, that in your way of caring girl, you've affected me.

You deserve the kinds of happy, that I may not quite bestow. Even though I've tried my best, I'll stand to watch you go.

Thankful for all the words that we've ever shared. Thankful for the time we had, even though we both still care.

Thankful for being this. Just a small thing in your life. Thankful that I am to you for the ribbon that's untied.

Thankful because I had the chance to open up to you, and for the chance to hear your words, I never doubted that they're true.

Thankful for the patience, that you showed for free. Thankful for the knowing that you smiled a couple times for me.

Sorry for the things that happened that may have got you down. Sorry for the disappointment and every single frown.

Just know that it's all true. The I love you's that I say. More tomorrow than today and twice as much as yesterday.
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
1 Response May 16, 2012

I loved this . . . wonderful work ! ! ! . . . thank you for sharing . . .

No problem. Glad you liked it. Sharing's what I do, and then later there's always a price. Don't ask.....

some might think so. Sorry I missed this for so long. I get busy at times.