You Miss Me

O girl, the way you look forlorn
At fallen leaves
Or sigh when two clouds come together
Or at the sunset
And blush at the sight of flowers
Tell everyone that you
Miss me
Though you turn your face away
And your eyes dig a hole
In the ground when I pass you.
Has the taste left your lip,
The one mine left on yours
When I held you tight and kissed?
lonelycloud36 lonelycloud36
41-45, M
2 Responses May 16, 2012

That was nice, lovely words, last line is good

Some days are better than others.<br />
I'm happy, except I miss you.<br />
I have enough, but I crave you<br />
In little breaths, in big gulps,<br />
In whispers, in sobs I plead<br />
For a way to make you know<br />
<br />
Steps clicking down the sidewalk<br />
Ticking away at all these seconds<br />
The shadows falling longer<br />
Trailing behind all these hours<br />
All these days I need to pass<br />
So many still I have to go<br />
<br />
No longer can I smile time away<br />
The corners are tied to my heart<br />
So every piece of happiness now<br />
Leaves an echoing cry behind<br />
Long and weak, deep and low <br />
As long as we remain apart<br />
<br />
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