Sins On Paper

I write them down one, by one,with anger and fear
i try to runthey follow me i cant escape
oh help me lord to understand my place

My heart is weeping my heart is drowning
my lips quiver then start frowning
I cant control what i cannot see but when i see
but before i know it its already in me
guilt, i cry for the help of God
I loose my hope im feeling quite odd.

I sit down ,broken my heart starts to race
then i look at the moon whom has a very strange face.
Cant you see the man on the moon?
he never seems to really frown
but im sure he will some day soon

Im done with this mess im done with hurting
I take my sins and i rip them in rage
with anger and fear i rip the whole page

I feel at ease with The Lord in my heart
I pray to him happily, i regain my hope
I start to breath and im at the end of my rope

Forever the lord i shall always love
but let me tell you this your sin will never depart.
But with the Love of God We all can restart
Then you and him will never be apart.
XxSunflowerxX XxSunflowerxX
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

Very inspiring.