The Mixed Signals

im sure every girl out there has been throughn what ive been through......
the thing with me is that i did not realize the truth until i was to late.
Lets start from the beginning. Im an 18 year old girl who thought she had her future planned out for her. Unfortunately, she was wrong, and by she i mean i.     
i met this guy in a family reunion back when i was 15. Back then, he was just a normal hot guy. But ever since a year and a half ago, i think he is the reason im alive! Cheasy, i know but thats the truth. The thing is weve been talking for more tha a year and not once has he ever said that he loved me, or even explained. But for some reason i was so sure that he loved me, i was starting to believe it. Until one day, i caught him and my sister texting! The thing that kills me is that he knows that i care about him and yet he doesnt care! Another thing that annoys me is that he talks to us both during the same time! Even though me and him talk a lot more, but when he talks to her, hes like another person.... i just dont know what to do right now. i want to confront him and tell him how i fell about him but i dont want to embarass myself! like what if he likes my sister? how awkward is that? Btw, i realized that this isnt a storry, bt i need help!
annonymousgirl92 annonymousgirl92
May 17, 2012