I'm yet to make my fortune.
But my fortune I will make
And all the years of humility
Have prepared me and no mistake.

I shall carefully invest and prosper
Whilst using experienced acumen
And not bet or gamble or **** away
This fortune that'll be here by then.

I feel it's coming soon although
I have much to sort and mend
I begin this process ernestly
One week from this weekend.

I'm changing my old lifestyle
To enable me to be
The best grandad in the world
Cos it means the world to me.

My fortune may not be money
Cash, credit card or cheque
But I'd rather it was this way round
Than lots of wonga on the deck

Now this may sound a bit twee
Or clich├ęd in it's form
But life is sometimes just like this
I think it's just the norm

My fortune must be near now
I hear it at the door
And if I've won the lottery?
You'll find me on the floor...

LycanSky LycanSky
41-45, M
May 18, 2012