Inner Child

my inner chlid he could let you in but would you see under his skin,

my inner child he could ask for help, but would you leave him by himself

my inner child could offer you his hand but would you truly understand

my inner child could just give up but would you even give a ****

my inner child could tell you of the nightmare but would you really care

my inner chid he could be in danger but would you see him as a stranger

my inner chlid he could let the tears flow from his eyes but would you hear his crys

my inner child he could tell you he was fine but would you read between the lines

my inner child he could just disapear but would you notice he is not here

my inner child he can tell you nothing he has said have you not noticed my inner child is dead

mulder mulder
5 Responses May 18, 2012

I don't know where my inner child is lost. Hope to find her someday. But not sure if I'll ever fine her. Be peace with you. (hugs)

your inner child is a great person..

Makes me feel like crying :(

I UNDERSTAND the feelings under the mask.

I had a dead inner child...she's not dead any more.<br />
She drowned in a pool of tears, but she came back.