the beat of Love

hanging out with a sexy "man"
although, masculinity isnt my plan
i prefer the diamond ring
this feeling of love makes me sing

i just want to pour my heart in a jar
after that first kiss, i would go that far
for anything to keep that feeling of love
alive like a spark or flame. "he" stole my heart

like a knife to the life i used to feel,
the killing shot to take away the deal
the feeling i used to know as depression
hate, shame, and depressing obsession

i know i will never be one of two,
but when i look at you, and those blue eyes
as i close my eyes, i think of a life with you
someone so gentle, caring, and accepting

knowing this moment was one in a million
i cry as i think: why cant i kill myself? oh god why?
why cant i find happiness that isn't meant to die?
why do i fall when i'm just trying to sand up alive?

you are
Lesbian: a girl who loves the curls and no one else
Gay: meet my man, the stud, i am proud to call my love
Bi-sexual: i cant decide, so i'll ride life, with both
Tran-sexual:i hate who i am, DAMN. i just want to be like--

no matter who you are, no matter the distance of
how far to shatter the question of why or how?
show others what Equal love looks like, what is it like
to love yourself and or someone else, just cause they--

walk the same path, or a different method to solve some math
electric or gas? either way, lets mow some grass. pawn the lawn
trade some green for happiness and love between, the break of dawn
that moment where everything is still, and we're all feeling chill.

so, i met this girl, at a LGBT hang out. and she prefers to be known as a he, and well. i "got to know" her a little bit more!
silentmisery silentmisery
18-21, F
May 18, 2012