~Hug Haven~

They bridge the self-imposed gap
Of seeming solitude and remind us 
We are not alone.
The warmth of another spirit,
A song of another harmony
With a slightly different tone.

An embrace that conveys support,
Love and tearful good-byes,
Hugs are more human and genuine
Than most of us realize.

The salve that soothes
A broken or healing heart...
When souls are at odds,
Concluding awkward anger,
Hugs are the place to start.

A deepness beyond words,
A softness beyond touch,
Hugs are the wings of birds;
A limping spirit's crutch.

Hugs say universally
What no other gesture can.
They're promising and peaceful,
Yet vary in intent.
Friend to friend, family to family,
Man to woman and woman to man...
Or concluding a well-lit
Passion spent.

It's seeking solace 
And confirmation
That gives hugs continual life.
Reaffirmation, rejuvenation,
Totally void of strife.

A means to an end,
And an end to a means,
They are the stars of
Our twilight.
Winking quietly from our
Inner sanctum of spirit space,
No other action more completely
Echoes our Creator's grace.

Connifer/@Copyright 02-2000
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
2 Responses May 19, 2012

You are more than welcome, jen.

This is really nice Connifer. Thanks for sharing.