No Longer Brothers

It was always We, Us, Together.
Now It's Me, I, Myself.
When did we drift apart?
We were like brothers,
Then suddenly your mother
Told you to stop spending time with me.
Why did you agree? Why?
I sneaked to you and gave you a note:
'Lets meet secretly in the mall! How about it?'
I was then given a response as handed the note back:
"Sure." I grinned, Yes! Finally after all this time...
No. You lied, You told your mother, She told my mother
I am now hated by my mother, apparently you had told your mother
Something Fake about me, or your mother changed the words you told her
To be something horrible.
Now you and I drifted apart,
I became more silent, lonelier, sadder by each passing moment and day
Ever since that time...
Now We are older, You were ready to make amends to me.

I was not.
1WillSurvIve 1WillSurvIve
13-15, F
May 19, 2012