I Will Always Wait For You

Wind beaten

broken parallel

to the dirt

I gathered daisies.

Days when it was one stem

days when I snared bundles

petals spilling

in my haste.


I was a song

a melody without harmony

a strand of notes

sharp gifts

flat hopes.

Daisies in cupped hands


I've always waited for you,


I've always waited for you.

Every breath

a Divine gift

the time

between birth

and meeting you

I've always waited for you.

A man who carries his gifts

with broken fingers

waiting for me

in darkness we both toiled

in darkness we stumbled

in darkness we waited.

Our introduction

a soul kiss

an eternal bliss

words changed lives

and now we live in delicate balance

and now the ocean is clear blue

and now the sun is golden

and now our hearts are united.

I will always wait for you


I will always wait for you.

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May 19, 2012