t's a mercury line
silver steel slicing
brain tissue
essential parts of me

days lost to it
a thief
a raging despot
a tiny razor fish
shredding me within

a continuum
a constant
but it moves like the moon
its tides ebb but never abate
a mermaid siren, her claws in my hair

light shatters me
the sound of my daughter's voice stings
my eyes and ears perforate
my senses dulled and yet pain profound
makes its stand here

i'm a vessel for it
i'm an empty shell
storing it inside
a tornado of agony
a torturous life
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1 Response May 19, 2012

I've suffered from mIgraines for seven yrs. And your poem captured the agony of how it feels during those debilitating migraine attacks. They are so unbearable and not many people can even comprehend the amount if pain they entail.