i close my eyes

and i see you.

if every moment was adrift

a sea of countless thoughts

you would be the raft

you are my vessel.

i cling to you

with words and memories

of times we've yet to have

of fingertips on your cheekbones

my mouth honored with your lips

our tongue tip kiss.

you move me

over the relentless waves

and the unpredictable rocks

and into the still waters

the placid path.

you are

a man

who carries

what's precious to you

in your hands

your open hands

cradling diamonds

emeralds and rubies.

you find value in their very freedom

in the threat of gravity's pull.

do you even know

of the joy that you bestow?

your gifts

like prayers

priceless blessings

life-changing words.

you spill your diamonds

and they multiply.
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May 19, 2012