The Cycle Continues

I wrote this poem for someone I truly miss, who happens to be so far from me...Here how it goes...

I rest my hand on my chin
And the other on my eyes to seal
What I truly feel
Now that you are not near

The morning is not that sunny
Every jokes not that funny
All I can sense is whammy
Coldness like it's rainy

The afternoon turns to doom
For you are not in the room
As if  I'm a corpse in a dorm
Lifeless and without form

And the night is without light
For you're not at my right
So what can I do tonight
But to wish you're all right

Then the sunrise became obvious
So does the cycle continues
I will still feel mysterious
Missing you though I'm not conscious
enigmaticeyes21 enigmaticeyes21
22-25, F
May 19, 2012