Inside The Nightmare (from My Blog Where I Post A Good Many Things)

The madman caught The poet fraught

and in that land of the stormy naught

Burn and crash with the watchman's laugh

Warnings so undefined assail thee

The madman paced the poetic laced

and in that land of the landscaped waste

soot and ash of the knowing thrash

straight as the arrow flies >free

The madman burns the poet learns

and on that stage the players turn

another page of unfounded rage

with all the words that cage me

The madman cries the poet dies

and within the tree of life he flies

stoke the flame melt the rain

blinded eyes that cannot see

The madman narcissistic The poet so artistic

and in the waking seems so simplistic

played the role payed the toll

never to be set free

TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
May 20, 2012