A Cold Warm Heart

From good hellos to horrid goodbyes / this is love through my eyes
From yes I do/ to know I can't/ this is the feeling that locks me in a trance/ From hearts stocked in transit/ to battle of wits/ I know I can't stand much more of this
From a deep laughter that rolls like the waves/ to shackle me in I'm now your slave
From two people into one person we go/ but please just let me know when we are done here... Because my Senses have been blinded my arms and legs have been binded and because I don't mind this/ I'm oblivious now to most things I shouldn't like it/ 

And when the cold water runs in 
Save me please
And when the cold air hits my bones and teeth
Sing with me, stay with me, if you leave I'll fall into a sleep for a thousand years or so it seems/ keep me awake like an ever lasting drug / I long for more crave  the floor/ I stay motionless while moving at a thousand beats per second/ my heart screams to me but I have gone deaf/ and as I think we are almost done, you pass me your heart and it wieghs a tone/ never have I felt like this towards someone/ never have i confessed my unwritten love/ 

The meadows are covered its snow here/ please have a seat dear, and if we have chemistry let me know: and if I abuse it then I will go/ the road that winds and entertwinds the lives of two people is that of a good find, and if I never get to walk down your road.  Leave me with the burden of yours feeling I stole/ I am sorry if I make your head hurt/ but mine is about to burst/ like a cluster of stars I fall right for you/ I can't help it I wish I could/ but even then I'd break the boundaries of just thinking/ I'll kiss you with stares for that is all I can do/ I'll keep my distance at the other side of this room/ And as I go I fall to my doom/ I have created a world were I cannot win, but hold me here just for this seconds 
maskus maskus
18-21, M
2 Responses May 20, 2012

Thanks so much, means a lot.

That was a very powerful poem. Your a very good writer