Night Clubbing

The day slows down and we are truly done.
Work disappears and we are game for fun.
Night eyes sparkle with mischief and glee.
Time for our play and people to see.
Off to the clubs for disco and sin.

Flagged down by bouncers, ... "We can`t let you in”.
.....“Why may I ask, you gratuitous thug?”

“Back off buddy you impetuous mug.”

.....“Let us in you troglodyte fool!”

“Give him a slap lads this guy ain`t very cool.”
Taking a stand to defend my place,
Three burly men pummel my face.

Battered and bruised, bloodied and splattered
The girl I am with is certainly not flattered.

Bending down resting on one knee,
She slaps my face as hard as can be.

“What did I tell you?” her scream on loud speakers

“No jeans no entry especially with sneakers.”
Now I am alone in a grumbling mutter.
Dumped by my girl and left in the gutter.

{Speed dialing for an ambulance}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

Jeans and sneakers? No wonder! ;D