Take Me Back

Take me back to where we once were,
When it was all about a shared passion,
With our consistent fashion being
nothing but the representation of teams
we swore one day we’d be apart of
before we leave the world behind when it begins to crumble at the seams.

Take me back to where we once were,
Side by side; flowing with the tides,
being as one with nothing else having an impact,
only one look and we knew the other’s thoughts,
perfection without re-creation being able to be bought or sold.

You kneeling down
presenting me with nothing but love,
with me in disbelief of my luck my eyes raise to look above,
with me vulnerable without resistance of falling,
no thoughts holding my expressions back to taunt me,
only the lack of control to keep me from leaping into your arms
planting a kiss with you unable to resist.

Take me back to where we once were,
Spinning in circles just for the thrill,
Jumping from rooftop to rooftop just because we could.
Laughter filling the skies with colors,
Creating a rainbow to slide down without a care for a pot of gold
where it was said to be at it’s core.
A melody being played by our feet stomping in the rain,
finding beauty in things that most thought were a pain,
smiles being spread through the town,
because of the sight of our youth being aparent.
oh the memories of our chaotic movements,
it could make anyone wish to have it back.

I’ve been tossed and turned between crashing waves,
My mind has been under a illusion with things that shouldn’t have mattered then.
We were so perfect and in the blink of an
I’m standing here alone not knowing why
i took so much care in things that shouldn’t have mattered,
How could i have fallen for the tricks of such a mad hatter?
That did nothing more than create fear within a moment of unflattery.

I fell from a cliff, hitting every edge of that brutal trip,
And here i lay crippled on the bottom looking up,
At the one thing i’ll never again behold; land; civilization
it’s a complex realization of all the things you’ll never know,
things that never told you not
to go.

Take me back to where i once was
to where my head was easy to sway,
where rebellion and impulsiveness corrupted my soul,
a world where even the stars danced in the night
and the sun could never burn brighter than the light of our lives

Take me back to the life I once knew
the one i was so proud to claim as mine,
the one that wasn’t in such a tight bind from the amount of overstretched bands.
Tell me how far i’ll have to run till i
can forget the past,
so i can forget the stupidity that corrupted my actions for that moment in time when I let the sand sift through my fingers; when my voice was paralyzed and mute,
when I was unable to tell you the truth.

When I was unable to stop the words that were well rehearsed and planned
coming from two others sick plan.
How is it that our friends can even see,
setup that you refuse to believe?
How is it that we lost who we were in the madness of it all?
How is it that we became who we swore we’d never be,
turned our backs while walking to a un-detectable distance just to look back to see
if the other would follow without realizing that the sand we walked upon left two prints in opposite directions.

Change is all that is left,
it’s the only remains of who we were.
With heads held high, that fall after our eyes meet,
acting as the ones that we surround ourselves with
hoping to blend and mend every piece that’s broken within.
With movements that we tell ourselves flow but in reality are robotic just to get us through.
Vulnerability being evident when were all by ourselves, with speech paralyzed keeping us from admitting the knowledge within the truthful soul.

A missing piece in a puzzle,
a loosened screw in a machine,
that’s what it feels like without you here with me.
Hatred within a situation coming from
both sides,
a shared fault as a result of the decision with us debating if it was equal.

Lies being told by our own minds,
that true love never dies,
but isn’t it different when you chose to put out such a fire?
Who is the one to make the rules,
those with experience? those whom are wise?
who is to say that they don’t just tell lies?
sometimes we listen to what we want to hear,
but sometimes we don’t hear what we're listening to
so who is to play
God and tell us what is and what isn’t?
Shouldn’t instincts and feeling be what we follow?
Or should we just sit back and wallow at what fell through the cracks?
Only we can choose to accept results and if they aren’t what we wished,
then we shouldn’t have quit.
Our results concluded with a fight that we should’ve talked through but now we're here avoiding each other's presence,
like were little kids that can’t complete a sentence when afraid.
Logic being unapparent and fear of feeling corroding our veins.

Mandana818 Mandana818
18-21, F
May 21, 2012