Someone To Love

When There Is Someone To Love
So Many Things You Can Do
Kiss And Huge Your Love Is Clever Than Blue
You Want To Love Someone Who Always Keep It Real
Love Doesn't Always Stay Strong,But My Love Is Real
Wanting To Love Someone;My Love Went To Waste.
I Found The Right One To Love Forever
When You Find That Someone You Want To Love
You Stick With That Person And Make The Best Of It
You Love Your Someone As You Say You Would Do.
Memories Will Last Forever And Love Can Too
As Leaves Fall, Trees Call The Blowing Wind,
Make My Knees Crawl To Know I have Someone To Love Again
Someone To Be There With Heart Is Many Is More Important Than Anything My Someone To Love Is My King
Some People To Be Loved Somone To Love Someone To Trust Hearts Flowing
Knight Guy On The Horse Of Armor
Through The Knight My Reflection To Yours Our Dreams We Combined
Sharing Feelings And The Things We're Willing To Do You Have Someone To Love As Roses Are Red; Violets Are Blue
Deep Down In My Heart, I Have Someone To Love, That Someone Is You!!!
TopQueenCandiz TopQueenCandiz
18-21, F
May 22, 2012