A Feeling

I've got a feeling,
my love is lost,
the grip it had for years-
I stand alone in the shadows,
fighting back the tears.

I've got a feeling,
but who can touch.
I can touch,
but nothing to feel,
that which is wounded,
will not heal.

Into a mirror I stare,
yet no reflection to guage.
I stand alone within,without,
as a silhouette on a stage.

I gaze into the future,
only to see my past.
Will I relive the pain,
or will it be forgotten at last?

So if it must be,let it be,
my love will still be strong.
Let yesterday be yesterday,
and let tomorrow linger on.
Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
2 Responses May 22, 2012

I love reading your posts they are always so beautiful and enchanting. Love the line into a mirror I stare, yet no reflection to guage. reminds me of how empty I feel sometimes. thank you for your post.

Thanks for kind words.You are always so encouraging. love,Waymor

Beautifull! One gets a glimpse of what is going on in your heart. Feelings are never right or wrong they just are.<br />
It is a gift to write poetry.<br />
My late Mom use to write poems about people she knew and now my Son also writes poetry.