I have been broken so many times that I cannot be fixed
My soul no longer innocent and my heart no longer pure
The scars reminding me to never go back
At a cross between love and wanting to be loved
I tell myself this is the last time, I wont ever go back
I listen to your voice as you tell me you love me
I should have listened to your heart instead, it speaks the truth
You don't want my hear, you just want me,
You don't care about all the love I have to give
Feeling like I am broken and stuck in your arms
My heart let you go, why do i keep coming back?
Do you even deserve me, or do I even deserve you?
My heart broken so many times I cant tell the difference
I still follow your game because I have nowhere else to go
The fear of being alone shrouds the thought of leaving you
You bring me tears of sadness yet still bring me tears of joy
it's so hard now that I cannot even tell the difference
I have been beautifully broken and cannot be fixed
The stars light up the night like candles in the sky
Looking out at the stars I wonder are you looking too?
looking for a way out, to take the pain away
Heal these scars that are on my heart and soul
Take me away from the pain that I feel
You are like these scars, I want them to go away
but I want to keep them to never see you again

Tekman84 Tekman84
26-30, M
May 22, 2012