Possessed By A Demon

The is so room cold with smells of stale vomit,
of putrescent old carpet with mould growing on it. 

I cower, shivering, trembling but alert.
sweat drenched, sodden, in a saturated shirt.
I squat in the corner where I seek to hide,
I listen earnestly to the sounds from outside.

Fleeting glances and darting looks
I sweep the room with eyes like rooks.
My breath fumes in the cold of chill,
Imagination burning with a weakening will.
That pungent stench invades the room
I plunge in silence and darkening gloom.

It`s odour reeks like tepid salt,
A brimstone flavour of urinal malt.
I ****** a glance, in its shimmering mood.
The demon is here, of that invisible brood.
My terror rises on incredible highs,
It reveals itself with those demonic eyes.
Smiling and cheerless it parades its face,
I am locked in fear of its state and grace.
Now it whispers that velvet soft word.
I cover my ears, this must not be heard.
I shrink and cringe against the wall,
My face whitens to a deathly pall.
It laughs, it chides and flirts with my sanity.
Offers of comfort then ridiculing profanity.
I feel its touch like razor blade cuts
I force thoughts closed like tightening nuts.
For weeks we have played this deadly game
Each time it visits, I endure this pain.

Now I am broken and mentally shattered,
I am past the point where this no longer mattered.

I quietly pray to a God I barely know.
I am corned and trapped with no where to go.
Its menacing voice hisses `no salvation`.
Today we become one, my host for libation.
A violent wrench and I am thrown on to the bed,
The force so offensive, my eyes blood shot red.
Airless and voiceless with hidden talons that grab.
My back arches like that of the crab.
Searing pain, ravaging my spine and not letting slack.
Stressing my body until bones start to crack.

Muscle and sinew strung like violin wire.
My whole body burning in torture of fire.
I feel that touch this time with conviction,
I know its need for my soul’s eviction.
Inside my head I hear the tinnitus scream
I feel my mind unfolding right at its seam.
Like an uncoiling snake, the evil slips in.
Filling my mind with the devil`s brew sin.
I slump back sweated and unfettered.
The storm in my head subsiding, well weathered.
Pausing for breath and resting my bones,
I listen intently for its dulcet soft tones.
Moments in passing then a feeling of movement
Mild headache simmering and thoughtful improvement.

Nothing, no talk, no sense of intention
No words of distemper or malice of invention.
Then the scream starts with a whistling wail.
A shrilling vibrato like winds in a sail.
An evil smile now takes to my face,
a subtle laughter feeling quite out of place.
Demon is tearing at the walls of my mind.
Frantically raging in a terrible bind.

My laughter lets rip with a raucous bellow.
I listen to its shrieks like drones of a cello.

My thoughts & feelings churn with delight and self praise,
for now I shall vex it until the end of it`s days.
I pay no more heed to this Demon`s plight,
I whisper softly `welcome friend to the inner of light`.
Now I can look deep into my own eyes,
smiling contentedly on those terror filled cries.
{Says possession is 9 tenths of the law}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
May 23, 2012