I've Written One Poem That I Can Remember

It was done for a school assignment when I was twelve a couple of years before my parents split up. It's a classic example of unconscious truth expressed through art. At the time I consciously meant 'rhyme' below quite literally, and was confessing my difficulties with my assignment in the text of my poem. My English teacher didn't believe I wrote it, and made me recite it on the spot. I remember I was shocked more than offended. He must have believed me in the end though because I remember they put it in the school magazine. It's hard for me to judge it as an artistic work because to me it's a fragment of my own consciousness.


I was born three years before my mother had another
So this would mean that i would be somebody's older brother
And this would mean, unchangeably, we two belonged to mother

Now sorry dad, please don't get mad, because i left you out
I do remember, you are a member, of the family too
It's just you see, unchangeably, you just don't rhyme with mother
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Please remain at school for some detention :-)