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we have the proud and fervent passion
of fierce young eagles
who live in a time of wordless rituals
in a church without walls
where an unseen choir
sings hymns that are written in our hearts
and the heart of the sky
for the first time and the last
even as the song fades in echo to blend
with the sound of the new song
rising in the wind of our flight
as we embrace in an ascending spiral
to the sun and down

down like comets in a blaze of feathers
and talons flashing
with the gleam of remembered blood
and the hope of the hunt to come

and somewhere a nest for the young
on a cliff overlooking the sea

or a desert canyon
gaping like the mouth of the earth
to devour the sky

or the endless grassy plains
where we dreamed of running
before we could fly.

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sumnerkagan sumnerkagan 46-50, M May 23, 2012

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