The Gentle Rose

In our beautiful, beloved world, there grow a billion flowers,
their petals go both in and out as time goes by the hours.

While all these flowers are very nice, I do care not for those
As the only flower I have eyes for, is the magnificent Gentle Rose.

It's unique beauty, so gentle, yet true, sends my soul a' soaring.
I daresay I must impose, this gentle rose has beauty not worth ignoring.

All I see in the biggest garden is this lovely rose,
And I ought not to forget to cherish the time we come rose to nose.
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26-30, M
1 Response May 25, 2012

i really loved and enjoyed it thanks al ot for sharing such great poetries

Certainly. It's a Love Poem. The Rose being a metaphor for a beautiful Woman :)

i realized actually and that what made me enjoy it