Falling Or Flying?

Falling or flying?
I'll never know till I hit the ground
Come back up and touch the sky
Kiss the moon and come back down
Up and over I go again
Till I fall back down and hit the ground
I Flirt with the stars
But belong to the moon
Come back up and see the world
Draw the world with the moon
Shoot the stars across the sky
And scribble the smiles in the lines
drift away in the clouds
But get pulled down with the shadows
The sun arrives all falls down
Till they fade into the ground
The Light stretches and grows
And Darkness seems to hide
Until sunset when the shadows will rise
Till they can touch sky
Then I'll fly back once again
Till it's time to fall back down.

This is probably nearing the fourth time I've revised this. I think I'm finally done. maybe. Probably not.
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