The Soft Mist Of A Dream

A twist of the throttle
The wind trails behind me
The thoughts of a busy mind
The beauty of a country road
How did I miss this before?
I stop and take it in
A dream begins
A century home
And its beautiful history
Tugs at my soul
A future goal
I picture you there
Swinging softly in the hammock
The porch wraps its arms around you
Completes the view
For a while I’m lost
Inside of a postcard moment
A brief moment in time
Sadly sublime
All at once the world comes back
I breathe deeply
The moment has passed
A moment too fast
The sound and vibration takes over
As my ride leads me away
A meandering stream
The soft mist of a dream
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9 Responses May 27, 2012

If you get lost Des I will share my Lifesavers with you :)

Thank you. The inspiration behind the poem made my heart beat a little faster :)

I haven't read poetry for a long time. Your poem made my heart beat again.<br />

Thanks Sunshine.<br />
How are you? :)

Yes :)<br />
Sorry bro but you're not the one on the hammock - lmao

Yes. Very special.

Thank you LL<br />
<br />
It's been to long since I've been inspired. This was a very special day for me.

wow must be a very special's been 3 weeks since I last wrote anything......just wasn't in a mood to and didn't want to write anything sad......maybe one day I might get mood back...:)

For a while I got caught in your dream.....nicely written Bassy!!! it..:):)

Thanks :)<br />
Sometimes words from someone special touch me and inspire...