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Will To Fight

Another night has come and gone and here I sit all alone
wondering what the hell I did wrong
Trying to pick myself up and carry on
Though it's tough when you have been beaten up by life
Lost your will to fight

Trying not to listen to the voices in your head
Fighting against the fear and the dread
Knowing in the midst of this lonely night
You must regain your will to fight

So you allow the tears to fall from your eyes
You sink to that dark place where pain resides
As you lay in the darkness, you see
All the broken promises and shattered dreams
Smashed in pieces on the floor

You lay there looking through the open door
You can see the light but as you lay there
You realize you've lost your will to fight

So you look within trying to remember
When you were truly you
It's then you realize what you have to do

Pick yourself up off the floor
Walk through that open door
Dust yourself off and start again
Because it is only then that you
Can find the hope within
And Regain your Will to Fight

sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 21 Responses May 28, 2012

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In the end its our will to fight that drives us to keep finding love and hoping for the future.

True but this was about finding your will to live when life knocks you down..

I suspect nothing would keep you down for long.

SD your poem was an excellent read! Very touching and inspirational

Thank You I am glad it inspired you and you liked it!! :)

Amazing!!!! Inspiring. You're a fantastic writer!

You are surely too kind to me!!

Bravo....great poem! :)

Thank you very much!!

the will to fight... yeah... I struggle with that too

I don't struggle with it that's why I wrote the poem because I experienced it and well I am a fighter by nature. Thank you for reading!!

You are simply amazing

Thank you so much!!

This was so beautiful...and yet so sad. You definitely have a way with words Girlfriend. ((Hugs)) I hope you start feeling better. You've definitely had enough rain. :)

Thank you for your kind words. I hope I can put the umbrella away soon too. Thank you for :)

Wow.....just poignantly written, I think we've all experienced what you've written about in one point of our lives...and have found that inner strength to carry on....and regain the will to fight....<br />
Beautifully written girl...;)

Thanks girl lately I have had to find my "will to fight" everyday. I am strong so I will be ok but damn I'm tired of the fight!! Thanks for reading. I always enjoy your comments :)

You are a champion with an iron will and determination, and I know that you will always rise to the occasion....I'm in your corner....:) and I just love reading your inspiring stories....!
We will chat soon...:) that I promise....


Me too, I've been working 6 day weeks, so by the time my days off come around...I'm tired...:) lol, but we will have a great gabfest soon...!

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As ex-champ MMA teamster, that reminds me of one of my all-time fav lyrics, from Glenn Campbell's Coward Of The County<br />
<br />
Ya coulda heard a pin drop<br />
when Tommy stopped<br />
& locked<br />
the door<br />
<br />
Search youtube @ MMA tutorials<br />
<br />
Must share a quick story<br />
<br />
At my local gym, a few months ago, I saw a sturdy peach with a jacket, emblazoned on her broad back with, "It's only funny till someone gets hurt ...<br />
<br />
... then it's hilarious!"<br />
<br />
Her 2nd fav jacket says, "Fight like a girl?<br />
<br />
You wish!"<br />
<br />
Seeing how her muscles worked, I went over & said, "Excuse me, love: have you done MMA by any chance?"<br />
<br />
She turned round with the sweetest smile & said, "I teach it"<br />
<br />
She & her hubby are on some Mo Teague (street fighting) tutorial vids @ YT<br />
<br />
They run the Bootle Dojo very well, I hear

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Very nice. I understand that feeling all to well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you always find your will to fight!!

It's now six weeks later. Would you write that same poem tonight?

Ive read OTHER storiez like this, & THOZE ppl r STILL drowning in their personal pity party of sob storyz n frownz, so I give YOU credit! , at least y're TRYING t HOLD your chin up!, i ADMIRE u fur that.. €:-P

Great poem..very up lifting

Thank You!!

Wow, great words and very encouraging

Thank you so much! :)

You are very welcome, I said what I felt and thought, it's the truth.

Well it is very much appreciated...:)

I really admire you and your thinking or ideas. Words like those are as I said encouraging to me at least, especially been there and still go there sometimes, so this is needed. Thank you so much, kisses and admiration to you.

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I like the positive end to this piece. Never giving up is how I live my life. I may get knocked down and battered and bruised but I always come back stronger.

Thank you and it's a good moto to have:)



I see the open door. I know what I must do. But yet, I still lie here.

Get up and walk through the door to start a new and find the real you inside...Find your will to fight!!

Thank you both for your kind words,they are appreciated!!

Wow that was awesome!...Great poem!

Aww thanks girl!!

Thank You!!